Local business woman, and former client of mine, Debra Bruce, President of Lawyer-Coach, LLC, wrote a particularly interesting and humorous post a while back that I would like to share:  Texas Hoof-In-Mouth Disease

I quite often find myself re-listening to my last statement or question in awkward silence as the person I was talking to stares at me blankly… Either because I twitched sue [switched two] words around or flop-flipped letters within words. Wait…

It is at that point I begin to apologize and explain that I have the rare, illustrious disease “speech dyslexia,” as I like to call it. Debra once pointed out that those are more commonly referred to as “Spoonerisms.” The word is rooted in the name of William Archibald Spooner (1844–1930), a distinguished clergyman and warden of New College, Oxford. A reportedly nervous person who apparently committed many “Spoonerisms” in his day.

Do you ever find yourself fumbling for your words, particularly in stressful situations? How do you bounce back from them? With humor and confidence, I hope. Please free feel to share with us how you deal with your “Spoonerisms.”

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