“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers… What simple action could you take today to produce a new momentum toward success in your life?” ~ Tony Robbins

By partnering with Aletheia Services you get to do what you do best…

Live and run your successful life, and leave the details to us.


To allow you and your time to be at its highest and best use, let us take over some of your more complicated or tedious tasks. You are then free to run your company, organization, family, and life, things only YOU can do. This provides you the time, energy and resources to have a more healthy work-life balance.

Our clients all have different goals and aspirations. The work we do is specifically tailored to fit you and your needs. Here are just some of the ways we can assist you:

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  • Events and meetings, concept to completion

Pre-coordination and set-up of all aspects, as well as facilitation of smooth execution

  • Research of best plans, services, and technology applications

Negotiating a better cell phone plan based on your usage and needs or which merchant account is the most practical for you and your business

  • Travel coordination for both business and vacation

Reservations, itinerary creation, pet and landscape arrangements (including special pet-sitting by our team) and monitoring services

  • Remote desktop assistance

Computer organization, contact management, training, IT work

  • Office optimization

Desktop and file management, creating and maintaining systems for highest productivity

  • Website maintenance

Content addition, review, and editing, as well as SEO support

  • Research of topics

For speaking, writing, or mere curiosity

  • Blogs and other publications

Creating, editing and posting to different platforms

  • Intellectual property support

Copyrighting and trademarking – helping you protect your brand and hard work

  • Newsletters and other promotional communications

Creating, updating and dispersing

  • Social media outlets

Creating, updating and maintaining

  • Concierge services

A vast range of business and personal concierge services

  • Technical support

Able to handle most common IT issues, we also have a network of valuable contacts and resources for more complicated items

  • Creation of a variety of documents

Creation of forms, contracts, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. or guidance on how to create these items yourself

  • Paperless solutions

Scanning and organizing paper documentation into editable documents, digitalizing and categorizing notes, photos and communications

  • Communicating with your clients or members

Either in-person or via phone, email, Skype, etc.

  • Calendar support

Scheduling of appointments, support with syncing integration

  • Data entry

Database management and transcription work

  • Billing and invoicing

Invoice creation, sending, receiving and processing of clients’ or members’ payments

  • Assistance in tax preparation

Expense tracking and reporting, tax prep

  • Business lead research

Research leads and create or update databases for use in marketing

  • Online shopping

Product purchases, gift shopping or seeking out Black Friday deals

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